2021 – 2022 Teacher Assignments/School Schedule

The school day includes classes and salah..

We understand that from time to time things come up and you must leave early.  But please: the salah is a part of our school, and everyone is expected to remain for it.  If you must leave, please advise the principal. It would be great if you would come for the salah and then take your kids home!

An exact schedule of classes and the students assigned to them will be posted in each classroom, and will be given to each student and parent once finalized.

2021 – 2022 TEACHERS:

Sr. Nabila – Advanced and Intermediate Arabic and Quran
Sr. Safiyyah – Beginners Arabic
Sr. Samya – Islamic Studies

Levels are determined according to Islaamic skill level vs. secular “grade” level/age (especially for Arabic classes) with the exception of Level 1

Qur’an = Reading, Memorizing, and Tafseer

Arabic = Alphabet, Letter Joining, Writing, and Reading

Islamic Studies = Seerah, Islamic History, Adab, Akhlaq, Wudu, Salat, etc.